South of Zabriskie


Bikini – Yamamay; Sunglasses – vintage Ray Ban; Cuff – souvenir from Anegada.

Location – Anegada, BVI

One way to get rid of island fever is, naturally, to go and visit another island. Welcome to Anegada, one of the weirdest and most beautiful places I have ever been. Half swamp, half milky-blue Caribbean paradise, it is an eerily deserted and ridiculously cool place. We got there on the tiniest propeller plane ever, which for someone with a morbid fear of flying, (yes I realise this is also a travel blog!) was pretty intense. I even got to fly the plane for a terrifying 10 seconds! The pics were taken on Cow Wreck beach, where a ship carrying cow bones sank last century. Told you it was eerie!

I love the sleekness of this bikini from Yamamay. It’s sporty yet stylish as well as being a really unique design. I also love the pale blue and gold as a colour combination. Very Seventies. The material is slightly shimmery which looks lovely in the sun and looks great against a tan. I matched it with some seventies-looking gold vintage Ray Bans and a mother-of-pearl cuff I found on Anegada.

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