San Juan

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Dress – Dante e Maria COTONE MODA; Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana; Bag – Fendi; Shoes – Taccetti; Jacket – Jean Paul Gaultier 

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: another island! I evidently don’t like to be landlocked. We thought we’d skip the beaches this time though (shock horror) and hit the capital, San Juan, instead. The centre, Old San Juan, is a cobblestoney maze of confetti-coloured buildings. Even the cobblestones themselves – made from blue and silver stone – are colourful. Typically Caribbean with its flower-adorned houses and ocean view, its pretty piazzas and ridiculously well-maintained Spanish Colonial architecture also give it (unsurprisingly), a really European feel. It’s a Caribbean/European/American city-paradise!

I love this silk slip/dress from Italian company Dante e Maria; it’s so easy and simple that it meant I could get away with wearing it with this crazy jacket from JPG. I matched it with some orange/bronze heels from Taccetti – another Italian company, which seriously makes the most beautiful shoes ever. Loving the giant bows!

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