And she wore…

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Bikini – Made by Dawn; Sunglasses – Prada; Earrings – souvenir from Portugal; Lipstick – Sephora

Location: Tortola, BVI

I like the idea of accessorising a bikini as an outfit in itself, rather than just wearing it for tanning and swimwear. Something about the blue velvet of this one (Made by Dawn) makes you feel like you’re wearing something more glamorous than the usual nylon bikini – even if fundamentally it’s still just two bits of material covering up the essentials! The bralette shape of the top and low bottoms are really flattering but I get the sense this bikini is intended as a more romantic statement piece, rather than just being sexy or functional beachgear. The material is really soft, dries surprisingly quickly, and looks amazing in the sunlight, which makes me wonder why more swimsuits aren’t made with velvet! I couldn’t resist matching this look with red lipstick and earrings similar to the ones that Isabella Rossellini wears in Blue Velvet – one of my all-time favourite movies.

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