firstfredbikf copyliedownbikgreenbiktffsitdfwblueredffDSC_0415 copy Swimsuits – All Trèfle designs; Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana

I’m so excited to post pictures from my first ever collaboration with local summerwear brand Trèfle today! These gorgeous swimsuits from the Botanical Garden collection are designed by equally gorgeous and talented BVI designer, Kristin Frazer. I’ll admit, I was initially quite slow to accept the mid-rise bikini trend, and this is the first time I’ve actually featured one on the blog, but I was surprised to find that the red, high-waist bikini (second pic) shown above was actually my favourite out of the whole collection. In fact the bikinis suit my favourite style of classic-meets-modern perfectly.The floral prints and high-waist bottoms and corset tops feel quite vintage, while the bright, block colours give the swimsuits a definite modern and Caribbean twist. The nice thing about the corset tops is that they tie up any way you like, and I love that you can mix and match the colours and prints as you prefer, and any pairing works. I can be pretty lazy, so this suits me fine 🙂 

I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d have liked of the high-waists as we had trouble with the reflector screen we were using. I borrowed one a while ago to do the ‘And she wore‘ post and I really liked the results so I ordered one in and used it for this shoot. I like the light that it lends to the pictures – (and how shiny it makes my hair look!) but with only me and my boyfriend doing the pictures it was actually a nightmare to use! It was quite windy that day so the screen kept filling up and acting like a sail. It went wheeling demonically down to the opposite side of the beach at some point. I’m wondering if I should abandon it altogether for future shoots. Is the difference in light worth it do you think?? Do you guys ever have any photography nightmares when taking outfit pics?

19 thoughts on “Trèfle

  1. Wow your pictures are awesome. Can I ask you how you did it? Which camera are you using and which settings? Beautiful!!! ❤


    1. Thanks Lynn! I use a Nikon d90 but I’m afraid you’d have to ask my boyfriend what settings he used as I’m not sure for this shoot! I also used a reflector for these particular pictures (gold side) 🙂


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