Dress – All Saints; Shoes – Taccetti; Sunglasses – Prada; Bag – Fendi; Choker – souvenir from Taormina, Sicily.

Location: Scaramouche, Soper’s Hole, BVI. 

I get days where I really miss my family back in Europe, especially Italy, which is where most of ridiculously extended family of cousins, aunts, great-aunts, and relatives that I call aunt and uncle even though I have no idea how I’m related to them live. Fortunately there’s an Italian bar/restaurant here in the BVI that reminds me so much of home – the decor, the amazing food, the people. Even the location on the harbour reminds me of the Tuscan seaside town I went to every summer since I was born. I even found out that one of the women that works in the bar used to work back in that town in Italy too! Tiny world…

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