Primrose hill


Dress – Zadig & Voltaire; Jacket – custom made in Italy; Bag – Custom made in Italy; Shoes – Jimmy Choo; Gloves – Roberto Cavalli.

One of the things I love most about London is how un-homogenous it is. It’s full of little pockets that each have their own very distinct personalities though they might be right next to each-other. One of the best examples is quirky and chaotic Camden Town and it’s much more peaceful neighbour Primrose Hill, with it’s cosy cafe’s and boutiques. I love to browse the stalls in Camden and then head over to Primrose Hill for brunch and a walk to the top of the hill in the park with it’s beautiful view overlooking London.

I like that this dress feels festive but sexy, with no sequins or glitter or diamantes in sight. I know that skin-colour tights aren’t exactly the coolest must-have accessory but I didn’t like the look with black tights and I hate having cold legs! I’ve never really minded them as much as other people seem to either, as long as they’re from a good brand that doesn’t make them too opaque and pasty-looking.


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