Chiang Mai elephant sanctuary

Aside from the obligatory temple-viewing, our main reason for stopping in Chiang Mai was to tick off one of the things at the very top of my bucket list – visiting an elephant sanctuary. We spent ages doing our research on the most ethical ones, making sure there was no riding or tying up, and we eventually went with Lanna Kingdom sanctuary.   We were so glad we did as it was amazing – the elephants seemed so happy. As you can see from the video it’s not hard to see why – they’re fed, bathed and cuddled all day! The best thing about the Lanna sanctuary was that the camp mahouts seemed to genuinely love their elephants.

Watch the video and meet baby Lanna, King Keaw and Ojai! If you want to read more about the elephants at Lanna check out my last blog post A diary of Northern Thailand.

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