Covent Garden

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Jacket – Isabel Marant; Sweater – Lonsdale; Jeans – H&M; Boots – ASOS; Hat – H&M; Bag – Louis Vuitton.


Lulu Guinness luggage goals


A very Christmassy Covent Garden Market


Rokit vintage store in Covent Garden


Christmas decorations at the market


Seven Dials


My favourite vintage shop followed by my favourite Fish and Chip place in Covent Garden. It’s a good corner.


The best place in Covent Garden in general (if you like cheese). The smell will either make you swoon or gag.


A Monmouth coffee on Monmouth street with the Union Jack and a black cab. – Insert equivalent of ‘Murrica –

Jacket – Isabel Marant; Sweater – Lonsdale; Jeans – H&M; Boots – ASOS; Hat – H&M; Bag – Louis Vuitton.

If I had to call any one place in the world home, it would be Covent Garden. I’ve lived in lots of different places but Covent Garden has been the one constant – the place with the childhood streets and alleyways that I know like the back of my hand. It’s been really strange coming back after almost two years of being away – nostalgic but also so familiar. But while I used to battle head-down through the throngs of tourists I decided to live the few days I have at home as a tourist myself, and it’s opened my eyes to what an incredible place it is. The shops are definitely more commercial than they used to be – there used to be a doll’s house shop in the arcades whose demise I particularly like to moan about – but with the piazza and the cobblestone streets there is still an unmistakably ‘markety’ feel about it. Seven dials is my absolute favourite place – I love the boutiques and just the spot itself – it’s just so unique. (Oh, I just googled it and apparently there’s on in Brighton, too :-/) Anyway, as long as the Cheese shop in Neal’s Yard is always there, I’ll be happy.

Eating: Gabi’s deli – The place I always go to with my Dad. It has amazing hot salt beef and the best falafels and salad.

Neal’s Yard Dairy – You can’t eat in here but they’re always giving away free samples. I’m probably biased but I reckon It has some of the best cheese in the world. Just the smell makes me swoon.

Monmouth Coffee – Bloody amazing coffee. This is the chain’s original shop.

Covent Garden